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Lallybroch Scented Candle

Lallybroch Scented Candle

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"On your feet, soldier! Take me home to Lallybroch!"

Imagine a looming keep made of stone settled in the highland pines, a stately home abundant with tapestries and carved wood, a bustling kitchen with fires roaring, and a redheaded laird with pipe tobacco by the open hearth.

Scent Notes
Top Notes: Clove, Earth, Leather
Middle Notes: Balsam, Embers, Sandalwood
Base Notes: Moss, Amber, Cedar


The scent is enhanced by top notes of spicy clove and smoky embers, while heart notes of balsam pine, leather, and warm amber add a grounding element. Anchored by base notes of cedar and green moss, delicate saffron top notes are layered with gentle incense, creating a soft and earthy blend.

About Our Candles

Our candles are hand poured and labeled in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. Our candles are made with organic soy wax, organic cotton wicks, and phthalate free fragrances.

Wax can easily be cleaned out of the jar with hot soapy water and the jar can be reused or recycled.

Due to the nature of soy wax, you may notice frosting or a spot where the wax has pulled slightly away from the jar. This is completely normal for soy and does not affect the quality or performance of your candle.

On the first burn, keep lit until a full melt pool forms on the top layer. Your candle has memory and getting a full melt pool will ensure the longevity of your candle and prevent tunneling.

Always trim your wicks to 1/4" before each burn.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Corie Visscher
Best candle ever!

A wonderful scent that makes me feel like I'm in the kitchen of Lallybroch with Jenny and Claire.


The perfect gift for an outlander fan! The entire collection smells absolutely wonderful, and the labels are the perfect touch. They are definitely the sweetest touch to any room!

New favorite candle company!

Bought this one as well as many others for Christmas gifts and a few for myself too. So impressed with all the scents. Just love how unique all of them are! My favorite candles I’ve gotten this year :)


It smells just what I envision Lallybroch smelling like when I watch Outlander. The candle smells the exact same way from the time you first take the lid off until you blow it out a couple of hours later. I highly recommend!

Emily Behnke
For all who are Outlander-obsessed!

I was SO excited when I saw this candle posted by one of the Outlander fan accounts I follow on IG. It was an immediate buy - along with the Leoch candle. 🙂 It truly feels like exactly how Lollybrach would smell. It’s a “cold weather” smell, but still cozy feeling. I feel like I have been transported to right there sitting by the hearth with the Fraser’s and Murray’s! I can smell leather and stone, but there’s also something really earthy about it too. I just can’t say enough, I love it!