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Spring Again Scented Candle x Dwell Well Design Co. Collaboration

Spring Again Scented Candle x Dwell Well Design Co. Collaboration

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"Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring?"

Spring Again is about an earthiness that comes from creation. The warmth of wood, pottery, and friends. The light freshness of leaves and grass. The history and connection of the people you love.

Scent Notes
Top Notes: Sage, Orange, Spearmint
Middle Notes: Tonka Bean, Tomato Leaf, Lavender
Bottom Notes: Oud, Amber, Oakmoss

Indulge in this luxurious scent featuring sweet anise and hints of orange, grapefruit, and sage. Eucalyptus, crisp spearmint, and fresh tomato leaf add an earthy touch, while lavender complements the base of oakmoss, amber, and oud, creating a captivating and sophisticated fragrance.

About Our Candles

Our candles are hand poured and labeled in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. Our candles are made with organic soy wax, organic cotton wicks, and phthalate free fragrances.

Wax can easily be cleaned out of the jar with hot soapy water and the jar can be reused or recycled.

Due to the nature of soy wax, you may notice frosting or a spot where the wax has pulled slightly away from the jar. This is completely normal for soy and does not affect the quality or performance of your candle.

On the first burn, keep lit until a full melt pool forms on the top layer. Your candle has memory and getting a full melt pool will ensure the longevity of your candle and prevent tunneling.

Always trim your wicks to 1/4" before each burn.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Spring in a candle

This scent is amazing. Its strong but not overpowering. It smells so fresh and reminds me of everything spring..besides mud. This is one of my favorites!

The most unique spring candle in the best way!

I was so excited to get this candle especially after falling in love with the winter brunch candle from the dwell well design collab. This is not your typically overly floral “spring candle”. A totally unique scent, I will be burning this daily at my house!

Ginette Syverson

Hello, I want to send you applause for a Wonderful candle with Spring Again! It is so light and fragrant! It’s Springtime in a jar, that you can enjoy every time it’s lit. Reminds me of a bright blue sky sunny day, shining in through the window, with crisp white sheets on a bed. I recommend everyone to get one to enjoy daily!

Kim Mulligan

This has a very pleasant fresh scent without being overwhelming. I don’t usually burn scented candles while we eat but this was actually a nice complement to our Easter meal!